Waterwatch Solutions develops the Crop Disease Alert 2.0 in the SAP Run Live Truck

The SAP Run Live Truck is a ‘Hackathon on wheels’. Based on a challenge and an idea to solve this, a team of dedicated SAP developers bring the idea within one week towards a viable solution. In the 2nd week of May 2017 the SAP Run Live Truck focused on the development of the 2.0 version of the Crop Disease Alert.
In a unique collaboration between SAP, Waterwatch Solutions, InfoPlaza and The Next View the Crop Disease Alert 2.0 was developed. This application will be commercially available from September 2017 globally. It combines satellite information from weather information (rain, humidity levels, extreme weather events), disease as well as other information and with a 3-step notification system (green, yellow, red) will send notifications to the user with an accurate forecast of 7 days in advance.

Who will be the users?
• The user target is farmers in developing but also developed countries all over the world.
What are the costs?
• 1 $ per year per crop per farmer
Benefits for the farmers:
• up to 40% savings in pesticides
• up to 25% increase in yield due to less diseases
• Overall, prevent crop diseases and improve yield