• Waterwatch at the World Food Day 2018

    Where does our food come from? Who produces it? Which innovationechnology is used? What about the impact on our planet?We can show you how we contribute everyday at the World Food Day October 13th! Get your free ticket here   In our projects we help solve poverty and end hunger

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  • Waterwatch on Forbes

    Waterwatch Cooperative is featured in an article on The article ‘With Cloud Computing, Waterwatch Builds A Database To Support 570 Million Farmers Around The World’ describes the motives behind the Waterwatch Cooperative’s foundation, the global vegetation database that they are developing, Crop Disease Alert and their future aspirations. It

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  • Ad Bastiaansen: Waterwatch in the last five years

    Entrepreneur and trendwatcher Vincent Everts, himself a Waterwatch ambassador, recently interviewed Waterwatch Cooperative Chairman Ad Bastiaansen. In this video, he asks him about the last five years of Waterwatch, its accomplishments and Bastiaansen’s main drive for the business. Everts also spoke with another ambassador of the Waterwatch Cooperative, economist and

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