Waterwatch Foundation

Waterwatch Foundation facilitates availability of and access to insightful and actionable information for actors in Agrifood, water and climate that nurtures people, nature and provides a better life for all.

Data is the core of information and and that is why Waterwatch Foundation initiated the development of a global vegetation database, the Global Vegetation Database 3.0.

To start the production of the Global Vegatation Database, funding is needed. After the initial funding, the database will be financed by the return from value added services.

The first step towards this global database was the creation of a continental wide uniform database for water productivity (called WaPor) which was launched at FAO’s 2nd International Seminar on Drought and Agriculture “Counting crops and drops: let’s grow the future together” in June 2019.

Waterwatch Foundation’s partnership with FAO in building WaPor database:

Waterwatch Foundation has the Dutch ANBI status (“Public Benefit Organisation”).