SpaceCertified is a global monitoring service for commodity certification based on earth observation data. The service increases the sustainability and transparency of agricultural supply chains by providing world-class satellite data to support commodity certification globally. Commodity certificates ensure that the commodity is produced according to certain criteria and standards. Example organizations that certify farmers are UTZ, FairTrade, and Better Cotton Initiative. SpaceCertified enhances the credibility of the certificate, lowers the cost of certification, improves monitoring of farmer fields, and provides relevant information to evaluate the certificate.

SpaceCertified provides insights relevant for the certification process; non-compliances to the criteria of the certificate can be better detected, and improvements in relation to the certificate for the farmers can be identified. Furthermore, certification auditors are able to get a better overview of the area and can determine priority areas to audit accordingly. The main data-components provided by SpaceCertified consist of:

  • Crop water usage
  • Deforestation
  • Biomass production
  • Quality indices (of crops and soil)
  • Land classification