Waterwatch Cooperative joins forces with AUXFIN

At the beginning of 2020, Waterwatch Cooperative, Waterwatch Projects and Waterwatch Solutions joined forces with AUXFIN to enhance the development of market-oriented agriculture and the fight against poverty and hunger. Waterwatch Foundation moved on independently as a fund raising organisation and will support AUXFIN and other organisations in the market.

Waterwatch and AUXFIN have been in partnership for several years in the GAP4A project in Burundi. This partnership has been successful and set the stage for a closer collaboration to take place. The goals and approaches of the organisations are well aligned and the combination of Fintech and Agtech creates much synergy. The combined team is now directly connected to all activities of AUXFIN and Waterwatch, leading to more integrated solutions and direct opportunities in existing projects.

Ad Bastiaansen, Chairman of Waterwatch Foundation : “Both Waterwatch and AUXFIN have been key actors in smallholder farming innovation and support for a long period and our cooperation made us aware that significantly more value can be created by joining our forces. This partnership betweenWaterwatch Cooperative and AUXFIN is a great milestone, as it allows to scale the number ofsmallholder farmers benefitting from the Waterwatch solutions and know how.“

For more information visit our web page www.waterwatchfoundation.com or send an email to info@waterwatchfoundation.com. You can find the press release by AUXFIN here