Waterwatch Foundation awarded with ANBI status

Waterwatch Cooperative

Waterwatch Foundation, the not-for-profit unit of Waterwatch Cooperative, has been awarded with the ANBI status. The ANBI status is a Dutch term for Institution for General Benefit, which means that gifts from private donators to the Foundation can be deducted against income tax. Donations to Waterwatch Foundation benefit the development of the Global Vegetation Databse.

The official name of the ANBI is “Stichting Waterwatch”. Details can be found here.

What is an ANBI?
An ANBI is a scientific, charitable, cultural, religious or other institution that serves the general interest of society. An ANBI does not have to pay any inheritance or gift tax on the income it receives through gifts or legacies. For further information about the ANBI status, have a look at the website of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration (in Dutch).