Mission of Waterwatch Cooperative

By 2050 the earth will be home to nine billion people. The majority of this growth will occur in developing countries. Urbanization will continue and income levels will increase substantially. In order to feed this larger, more urban and richer population, food production must increase by 70 percent while using less water.

Our mission is to enable all stakeholders in food production with geo-based information technology to achieve sustainable increase of land and water productivity to improve food security.

The Waterwatch Foundation offers all stakeholders in food production, water management and environmental businesses more information about the condition of their lands and crops. Satellite data, climate data and real weather data of detailed areas of land surface will be combined in the Global Vegetation Database 3.0. With this open, geobased information, water boards, environmental agencies and farmers will be able to manage and predict their yield. The Foundation is part of the Waterwatch Cooperative, will facilitate the data for free and encourages third parties to cover the application.

The Waterwatch Cooperative enriches the Vegetation Database with data and services to meet the specific needs of the users.

Waterwatch Solutions will support application developers with software development kits and other tools. Furthermore, it will offer the applications to the market in the app store. Waterwatch Investment Fund can offer financial support to the application developers and service providers which allows further growth of the company and the development of applications. Waterwatch Projects acts as a system integrator and project coordinator. Within the scope of water productivity and food security, the Projects unit oversees the course from policy making to the implementation.


Our focus points

Increase sustainable food production

In order to feed the ever growing population worldwide and mainly in developing countries, food production must increase in a sustainable way.

Higher water productivity

Agriculture is the major water user. Worldwide, agriculture uses 70 percent of all water withdrawals, and in some areas it goes up to 95%. Demographic growth and economic development are putting severe pressure on water resources.

Measure carbon intake

To get a better crop quality, we will measure carbon intake. Environmental policies get a better foundation.