The Road to VIA Water

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Update: the programme for the day has been finalised! Please click here for the invitation, including the programme.

Friday 20 February 2015
09:00 – 13:00 (lunch included). Programme starts at 10AM
YES!Delft, Molengraaffsingel 12, Delft

On the 20th of February, VIA Water organizes its very first official public get together. Which means you are all warmly invited!

Since the start of the programme, we have received many questions on how the programme works. People are keen to know what sort of innovations we are looking for, what the procedure for the VIA Water fund is like and how they can contribute to the programme. In this event, we will get into all of those questions in an interactive way, and we will discuss your ideas and suggestions.

The event will consist of a short introduction of the programme, and a ‘how-to’ session in which we explain how you can become an active participant. Next, your creative mind needs to get to work by solving one of the cases presented to you. During 4 workshops you are given the opportunity to find inspiring connections and discover the need for working in a community to improve your ideas. From 12:30 pm onwards, we warmly welcome you to have lunch with us.

Please join us! Register here.

Getting there
Because of its pioneering character, YES!Delft can be a little tricky to reach by public transport. Your best option is an OV-bicycle from the Delft train station (membership required, Otherwise, there are several busses you can take from Delft station: number 40 and number 69 (get off at TU Kluyverpark) and bus 174 (get off at TNO Zuidpolder). Please check the bus schedules for your way back, as the buses run less regularly during non-rush hours.

If you are planning to arrive by car, please park at the 3M company, which is a little walk from YES!Delft at Molengraaffsingel 29. When you arrive at YES!Delft, drive past it, keeping YES!Delft to your right. Turn right after passing YES!Delft, and park at the parking lot you see. Of course this is not applicable for those with reduced mobility: there are a few parking spaces available at YES!Delft itself.