Global Forum for innovations in agriculture

Welcome to the future of sustainable agriculture

The world’s population is growing, and natural resources are diminishing. This problem is well documented, but to avoid a major catastrophe the world has to find a way to produce 56% more food by 2050.
The answer lies in innovation.
Innovation in agriculture gives us a real chance of feeding nine billion people using less resource and with no environmental damage. It has the potential to offer solutions to combat global warming, provide technologies that can improve nutrition and social prosperity in developing countries, be an unlimited source of clean energy, and help us look after our more precious resource: water.
In February 2014, Abu Dhabi welcomed the world and hosted the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture. Held in strategic partnership with the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority, GFIA 2014 presented the world’s largest showcase of sustainable agriculture solutions and hosted over 3,200 of the world’s brightest minds to show the world how game-changing technologies can change the way the world grows food forever.

Driven by a commitment to forge international collaborations, GFIA is unique in that it attracts professionals from around the world across the entire value chain. If you work within the world of sustainable agriculture, or need to know more about the implications and opportunities of adopting new technology, you should be at GFIA in March 2015.

The following groups are more than welcome: food producers, supply chain professionals, governments, R&D experts, investors, development agencies, ngo’s, donors and ICT companies.

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